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Self-care solutions for kick-ass, can-do women living with chronic illness

Shannon Klenk   |    Self-Care Coach •  EFT Practitioner  •  Podcaster  •  Motivational Speaker 

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Are you ready to FEEL BETTER?

Does your self- care feel more like 'ugh' than 'ahhhh'?  

Is there NEVER enough time or energy left over for YOU?

Do you know what you 'should'  be doing but just can't seem to get around to it?

If you are ready to feel better, you are in the right place!

I am on a mission to make self-care easy, accessible and, dare I say, enjoyable for women everywhere!

Finally Effing Happy is a podcast, community and coaching program that offers the practical tools and powerful mindset needed to:
  • get into ACTION
  • be held lovingly ACCOUNTABLE
  • and enjoy some outright FUN along the way!

When your self-care is solid (not perfect, but solid), EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  It is the spring board to your wildest dreams, most audacious goals, deepest healing, and greatest joy!  

Hi!  I'm Self-Care Coach, Shannon Klenk. 
I teach women how to transform their self-care
so they too can Finally Effing be Happy!  

Your happiness is closer than you think...



A little bit of sass & a whole lot of heart, sprinkle in some self-care & positive mindset, wrap it in a slightly irreverent sisterhood of fun, and you’ve got Finally Effing Happy!  Happiness hack, self-care strategies and amazing guest speakers!



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Coaching & Courses


Imagine YOU with a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and peace in your heart - even if you live day-to-day with chronic illness. All of that is possible and more!  My coaching & courses start with you, fully taking into consideration the nuances of your chronic condition and how it impacts your life.  And then we build from there! 

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A sisterhood of kick-ass, can-do women committed to living full, purposeful, joy-filled lives even with chronic illness. Celebration, accountability, self-care, inspiration. It’s all here in my free & private Facebook Group. 





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Transform Your Self-Care
Courses & Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Build a self-care superstructure that will support you thru thick & thin.  1:1 coaching, accountability & encouragement.  Self-care strategies that take into consideration your chronic condition combined with mindset resets to motivate & inspire.       

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1:1 Coaching

If you are serious about wanting to feel better this is for you!  All the self-care strategies in the 30 Day Springboard + Shannon's Befriend Your Inner Critic self-compassion training.  You will blast through old ideas & limiting beliefs to build a personalized self-care system that really works.    

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