• Reset your self-care

  • Revitalize your health

  • Ignite your mindset

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Are you ready to feel better?

 Are you a woman dealing with chronic illness ready to feel better, both inside & out?  

Is there never enough time or energy left over for you after you've taken care of everyone else?

Do you feel like you can’t chase after your dreams because your body won’t let you?
Have you tried everything and still feel exhausted, alone, and lost?
I’ve been there. I know how hard it is to find joy and healing amidst the daily struggles of chronic illness.
Hi!  I’m Shannon and I’ve discovered the ROOT of feeling better. And it started with me.

When your self care foundation is strong and solid (not perfect), EVERYTHING is possible from there. 
I want to guide you through 30 days of self-transformation that will reset your self care because...
When you take care of yourself first, your dreams are possible.  
*you feel strong
*you feel good in your body
*you have more energy – regardless of your chronic illness
*you are kinder to yourself
*you are more confident
*you are getting more done
*you know from the bottom of your soul, you matter.
*and JOY is a part of everyday! 
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What's Included?

We start with a 60-minute self-care assessment and goal setting session... that is all about YOU!

      • Together we uncover the core areas of self-care that have the most impact on YOUR transformation and health.  
      • You leave with a specific action plan for the that week.  You will know EXACTLY what to focus on and what to do.
Each week, we meet for a 45 minute 1:1 goal-setting session: 
  • Together we identify your primary focus for that week, blast through old ideas and get you unstuck.
  • We will focus on accountability to make sure you are reaching your goals.
  • You will leave knowing what to focus on and what to do during the week ahead. 
Each week, we will have a 10 minute accountability call.
  • Short, laser-focused accountability.
  • Together, we make sure you stay on track & grow each week.
  • Our primary focus is to turn knowledge into action so can go from knowing what you 'should' do to actually doing it... and feeling great! 


Over 30 days you get:

1 - 60 minute 1:1 introductory self-assessment, goal-setting session

3 - 45 minute 1:1 weekly goal-setting sessions

4 - 10 minute 1:1 laser-focused accountability calls


I know you are ready to

AND live the life of your dreams – EVEN though you live with a chronic condition.

It’s time to take control of your inner healing!

It’s time to feel good in your body, increase your energy, and be kinder to yourself. 
Your self-care transformation starts NOW. Are you ready?

I am ready to feel better!

One time investment of $397!
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I am ready to feel better!

2 monthly payments of $217.

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I'm so effing happy to start working with you!

Hi!  I'm Shannon. 

Happiness Coach.  Self-Care Strategist.  Podcaster. 
Motivational Speaker.  Chronic Illness Warrior.  & Mom.

Your happiness means a lot to me!  Not just because you deserve it (which you do!), but because I know you take care of a lot of other people.  When you are happy, your light and your gifts, shine on those you love.  And you, quite literally, make the world a better place!  

I am a Certified Professional Coach & Science of Happiness junkie.  I LOVE empowering women to take better care of themselves by internally changing the way they talk to themselves and externally transforming their self-care.  When your self-care foundation is solid and strong (not perfect) EVERYTHING is possible from there!  

I have a super blended 21st Century family, am a wife and mom: bio mom, stepmom, adopted mom, doggie mom. I love coffee, dancing, nature's beauty and learning about cultures and perspectives different from mine.

Oh... I also happen to live with a chronic condition called Primary Immunodeficiency Disease.  I know firsthand how hard it can be to genuinely find joy when you live with a chronic condition.  That is why I am passionate about teaching women how to be kind to themselves, both inside and out.  Abundant joy awaits!  
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