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Be You! The World Will Adjust | Life On The Bright Side Podcast

shan guest appearances Sep 03, 2021

Listen has Shannon is a Guest Speaker on the "Life on the Bright Side" Podcast!

She talks with Isabelle Mosca, curator/creator for Life on the Bright Side and founder of the nonprofit FACES 4 Autism. Isabelle shines a light on families facing neurodiversity across the lifespan, encourages and uplifts caregivers to live their best lives with programs, events and workshops. Her programs are donation-based and open to all.

Her motivation to begin the journey culminated from the autism diagnosis of her son in 2001. He and his twin sister both experience learning challenges, so developing a path of support was key to her family, as well as and many others. As a result of community encouragement, she has created programs and education used worldwide to forward awareness and acceptance for twenty years.


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