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EP17 // Firing on All Cylinders! The Essentials to Living at Your Best! With Heidi Bramm, Holistic Lifestyle Strategist

2021 happiness hack interviews Sep 09, 2021

Firing on All Cylinders!  The Essentials to Living at Your Best! With Heidi Bramm, Holistic Lifestyle Strategist

Essential oils, reducing your toxic load, nourishment for cellular health, rejuvenating rest and so much more! 

This interview with Heidi Bramm is chock full of tangible, practical tips on how to FEEL and BE better.  Here area  few takeaways:

  1. Four core areas of health: nutrition, movement, rest, reducing your toxic load.
  2. Rest is different from sleep and equally important.  
  3. Rest is super productive because we are busy recharging our battery.
  4. Essential oils can help balance, calm and relax.
  5. Essential oils can have both a physical health and mental health benefits.
  6. When using essential oils its super important to use medicinal grade products (reach out to Heidi if you need more info on that).  
  7. Your body is a gigantic filter.  Be aware of what you put it in, on it, around it.  
  8. Healing and health at a cellular level is possible.  
  9. Celery juice… need I say more.  
  10. The more colorful your food, the more antioxidants.  Antioxidants are the good guys, replenishing goodness in your body.  Free radicals are the bad guys stealing the good stuff.
  11. Small changes can make a big difference in reducing inflammation. 

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Shannon  0:02  
Beautiful and welcome to finally effing happy, a podcast and community for kick ass can do women living with chronic illness. My name is Shannon, happiness coach and self care strategist. I share with you my personal journey to joy through chronic illness. bring you some amazing guest speakers and share tons of happiness hacks and self care strategies so that you too, can live in joy and happiness, despite what chronic illness or condition you may be living with day today, and I am absolutely thrilled that you were here for today's episode. Because today is a toolbox talk. To put one more tool in your self care healthcare wellness mindset toolbox.

As kick ass can do women living with chronic illness, I know you are amazingly resourceful, and you know what works best for you for your health, your heart and spirit, your journey. And in today's episode, you'll pick up a new tool or two to make your journey easier, or be reminded of one that you haven't used in a while. Or maybe you're a fresh take on an oldie but goodie, whatever it may be. I am so excited to share this collective wisdom from some of my most favorite guests during these toolbox talks. So with no further ado, let's see what's in store for us today. Before we jump into today's interview, I am so excited to share that today's episode is being sponsored by cat Korea at your inspired words. I am a big fan of affirmations, but only if those affirmations are authentic and heart connected. And her messages to myself affirmation cards are really one of a kind. They are poetic affirmations with personal flair. And here's what I mean. This beautiful deck of cards comes in a little wooden box that you can put on your desk so they stay right at your fingertips but aren't super cumbersome in your workspace but are there to keep you positive and affirmed throughout the day. And you pull a card a day. So for example today I pulled a card that says when life is trying offer radical kindness, all part of one whole, I put my hand on my heart, my hand on my tummy, I took a deep breath. And the thing that makes these cards so special is on the backside of the card. There was a blank space for me to write my own words. And so out came you are part of the all Shannon show radical kindness to all including you. I absolutely love cats affirmation cards, you can find them at WWW dot your inspired Now let's dive into today's interview. Today's episode is pure gold. I am so excited to share it with you today I bring you the most fabulous Heidi Brahm. She is a holistic lifestyle strategist. And we talk about everything from nutrition movement, essential oils, rest, stress management, reducing our toxic load, oh my goodness, we just cover so much good stuff in here. And Heidi is as passionate as I am about the idea that health, wellness being feeling whole is both an internal and an external job. There are things externally that you and I can choose to do to reduce our toxins, reduce our stress, have healthier, whole connected lives. But what we do internally, our heart healing our soul healing is equally as important as all of those external actions that we take. But when we bring them together, and we integrate them.

It's absolutely pure magic. So with no further ado, I bring you Heidi Bramm. Hello, good morning. Oh my gosh, I am so excited that you are here.
Why don't we start out with just tell me a little bit about you so that the women and finally effing happy which as you know are women who live with a range of chronic conditions can just get to know you a little bit?

Heidi  4:39  
Yeah, definitely. So my name is Heidi Bramm and I live in northern Wisconsin. I am married to my high school sweetheart who just turned 41 this past weekend. And if yes, we have four beautiful girls ages almost 18 down to four. So there's a lot of drama. Usually somebody always crying or fussing about something. But I, I am just into everything holistic health, spiritual health, all things, health and wholeness. And yeah, so I'm just so excited to be here with you.

Shannon  5:14  
I love that all things health and wholeness. And so how they can go together, you know, I love how they do go together and that we can be healthy. Even if we live with a chronic condition, I have a chronic illness, I think people hate that word illness. And that's why a lot of times I use the word chronic condition. But I can still have healthy habits and healthy mindset, and I can still be completely whole, even though I have a chronic condition. So what are some of those things that you bring into that health and wellness and wholeness and holistic? What are some of those strategies for you?

Heidi  5:53  
Yeah, thanks for asking. And I love that you said I have a chronic condition, because I think when people almost use that chronic illness as their identity, like, Well, my autoimmune disease, or my, you know, diabetes, or my whatever, like, we know, on earth as it is, and having right in heaven, there's no thickness, right? Everything that is here on Earth, we can pull down on that. And so I think just being very intentional number one, you know, strategy wise is with your mindset of not taking that on as your identity, but just saying I have this. So I just wanted to point that out. But I would say I can help people focus on four areas, these kind of four pillars of health. And the first one is nutrition. Nutrition is by far which app, this may be so obvious to people like nutrition is the foundation. And when your cells are not functioning at their highest capacity, when you're not feeling ever like firing, I should say on all cylinders, your body has to compensate for that in some way or another. And so we can dial in on nutrition and just really super simple basic, like, you know, my daughter is I actually have two daughters that are gluten sensitive, or gluten intolerant, I should say. And we just focus on fruits and vegetables and protein. So that's not to say they don't have you know, bread or crackers or anything like that. But it's like what is naturally gluten free, right? These Whole Foods. So whole food nutrition, things that come in its purest form, the way God created it, the more you can put that into your foundation like 80%, right, the more you're going to feel just amazing, like you're on top of your game. The other thing that I do and I work with is this nutrition supplement line, it's actually a three part system. And it's a it's an essential oil and views, whole food based vitamin, mineral omega and antioxidant combination. It is amazing. It sounds amazing. It is a mouthful. But it really helps people stress less, have more energy, sleep better have more even keeled moods, because on a cellular level, have less pain and inflammation, right? It's like a fire hose inflammation, I just love it. But their body is able to be supported on a cellular level. And so that is something that my you know, the people that I work with, they have amazing testimonials. And I mean everything from I'll just read you to this one. Because this is in our family, we have struggled with migraines in the past, we don't anymore. But one person, her daughter had a migraine for two and a half years. And her neurologist couldn't figure it out. But she's no longer on any medications. And she can function, you know, can imagine having a migraine for two and a half years, I couldn't even imagine that. So that cellular level that helps increase your energy, it helps your cells communicate properly. And so that is the foundation of everything that I do when I work with people. The second thing would be movement, right? So even if you think you can't work out to the level that you want to maybe because you don't have the energy. Well first, let's go back to number one, right. So that foundation, we kind of cheat the system a little bit with those supplements because they just really boost everything to work better. But number two would be movement. And so our bodies were created to move when we're sedentary for you know, a desk job, or I don't know maybe it's because you don't actually physically again have the energy to create this exercise program. I don't like using their exercise but just like activating your body moving at going for walks you know, do what you can work with what you have, instead of being like one not to this level that I want to be so I'm just not gonna do anything. What can you do? Can you go Can you start with 10 minutes a day and your work work your way up from there. So that would be the second one. The third one would be rest and manage stress. Oh my gosh, this is such a huge issue. area for people. And often I find that if, if we can even just start with helping people feel more at rest and rest, it's different from sleep. Yes, you need to have a restful sleep, but just taking breaks to rest. And there's different kinds of rest. There's mental rest, you know, we take the Sabbath on Sunday to rest, but are we resting mentally from everything that's weighing us down, and worrying us and stressing us out?

Shannon   10:24  
Okay, so yesterday, rest is different than sleep, it's just such an important point that I just want to take a minute and mark that spot and go, you know, rest is different than sleep, and how we emotionally spiritually rest in addition to, because sometimes I can't sleep, right. So sometimes after an infusion, I'm exhausted, but I can't sleep. But I can rest. And I make sure that I have the tools at my fingertips. So there are some specific playlists that I have, or readings that I have, that I make sure I have at my fingertips. So I'm not exhausted in searching for them, or trying to create them that I can rest, even if I can't sleep. So I just love that you said rest does not.

Heidi  11:12  
Yeah, that's such a good point. Yeah, because sleep is a physical thing your body's shutting down, right. But rest is like an active it is you are doing something other than we feel like we're wasting time, right? Like we're not doing anything, we're not being productive. But we are we are resting and we're recharging our batteries. So that rest and managing stress, you know, of course, I love essential oils. And so we incorporate a lot of essential oils, and I mentioned that have four girls. So we have amazing oils that are our go twos for calming, relaxing, balancing, not only our body systems, but our mind and our emotions. And so if this is foreign to you, and you think essential oils or like Fufu, or even new age, right, this is something that goes back in Scripture, and is in the Bible, I want to say over 500 times. And so even when Mary was putting oil on Jesus's feet, it was it says not in the Bible, but it's typically a lot of people think that it's actually lavender because it was named after the area that lavender is sourced from and lavender is good for reducing even our heart like, you know, cardiovascular response and just lavender, resulting calming, I think most people know that. And so she was preparing him, it helps with anxiety, right? She was preparing, I mean, he didn't know what God knew it. But this is something that, you know, goes back into scripture. So we use essential oils, absolutely love them. When I was working at a nutrition and chiropractic clinic, and helping onboard patients and just advocating for them, something that we learned was that people would get stressed out, just thinking about making big changes in their health. And so looking at, you know what we can do just to prepare the body, right, our central oils don't do or work for us. But to help prepare our body systems, again, on a cellular level, on a chemical level, when you're using a pure essential oil, I have to say there is most of what's on the market is adulterated in one way or another. So making sure that you're using a medicinal quality is going to impact your results. But then the final category would be reducing your toxic load. So even just going back to the beginning, where I talked about nutrition, in my experience in working with people, either people have a deficiency, or they have a toxicity. And so looking at, you know, kind of even book ending those to looking at where am I coming into contact with things, and it's, it's everywhere, right, you're not gonna able to get away from it completely. But you can control certain things that you're bringing into your home like cleaners, we this is something we changed over a years ago, but just looking at even some more natural brands are greenwashed, right, so they put just a little bit in there to get it on the label. And they may even be a little bit better for the environment, but we're still breathing those in. So we actually make all of our cleaners and I know that sounds maybe laborious, but I don't have to worry about my little ones when I'm cleaning the toilet as they're taking a bath, right because I'm right next to them. So we'll put in some baking soda and essential oils, scrub it then put in some vinegar scrub it again and it's good for a week. So you know something like that where it's very simple. You're not spending money on all these different cleaners actually do a presentation on this that 80,000 chemicals are in have been introduced into the United States and like 20% of them have ever even been tested and at that very, very minimally and I'm probably getting that wrong. I don't think it's that high of 20%. But it's something that injures our children, it hurts your respiratory system, it affects you on a cellular level because you are the filter. What you are breathing in what you are eating what you are putting on your skin and exposing yourself to is not getting filtered out as well as you think it would be yes, our body can do some of that. But we're being inundated at a level that our bodies can't keep up and we're the filter. It's like never changing your car filter. Right or never emptying the drain in your sink, that stuff has to go somewhere, if you're taking it in. And so we do think our toxic load kind of thinking of your body like a bucket. You think when you're born, you should be born pure, right? And nothing in your bucket. But actually, there's over 300 chemicals found in umbilical cord blood. So it just accumulates in the body and just really being aware of how can I empty my bucket? You know, chemically, how can I make it more clean? So those are the four areas so nutrition movement rests and manage stress and reducing toxic load,

Shannon 15:34  
so totally gold and so clear and broken down? And so what is it in your life, your story, your journey that is made you so passionate about this? Because you like it's infectious? I'm like, yeah, I'm all in where? Where's my baking soda? Where's my baking soda?

Heidi  15:52  
Yeah, so it's really interesting. When I worked at the nutrition chiropractic clinic, I would do things on a nutritional level, and I would get tested and they be like, you're blocked, and like, Okay, what does that mean? Like, you're emotionally blocked? Like, okay, well, how do I fix it. And so I would get to assert, I could do as you know, so much, you can only do so much in the nutrition realm, and then you have to actually look at what am i hanging on emotionally, because that affects us just as much so emotionally, spiritually, mentally, that affects our capacity to live to our highest level, right? To be firing on all cylinders. So it goes back to when I was in third grade, my parents actually separated. And in my family, we have a lot of diabetes, heart disease. You know, it's not so much cancers, but like the the lifestyle factors, the things that are affected by our lifestyle. And so if you're not handling things on an emotional level, your, your emotions will always manifest physically. It's, they're connected, you can't bury your emotions, right? There's a book emotions buried alive, never die by Carol Truman, you can't stuff and bury her emotions and expect it not to manifest physically because it will. And so when I was in third grade, and my parents separated, I took that emotion and I stuffed it, and I stuffed it with food. My parents are, you know, they have like, all the things there and all the medications. And so it was something that was easily picked up on in my environment. In my home environment. It wasn't till about 10th grade that I finally took control of my own health, I had my first job and like, I can actually buy my own food, I saw what was happening with my parents, and like, I don't want to live like that. And so I can't say it's something that then between 10th grade and now I've, you know, completely mastered. I've had ups and downs throughout my entire life. And as you can imagine, for pregnancies in your body, like getting bigger and not being able to like handle that. And it's like, I can't control that what's going on. And so that kind of is where the wholeness piece came in of looking at emotions and physical and what am I putting into my body. But then, with my second born, who is surely 16 in July, that's when she was born, we started looking at what am I putting in on and around me, that is affecting my health because she struggled from day one with gluten intolerance, and we didn't know it until she was three. So she would only sleep 45 minutes at night, she would wake up screaming bloody murder had all these intestinal issues, gastrointestinal, like bowel issues, her stomach was always distended and tight. And so we started seeing a natural practitioner, natural practitioner and chiropractor for her. And that is just what started to open my eyes to like all the whole, like, holistic health realm, right? I mean, she was like, she wanted me to give my daughter this white powder. And I'm like, I don't know what it is. And I'm freaking out calling my husband and it's a probiotic, like this was almost 16 years ago, it wasn't as common as it is now. And like, I don't know what to do. So that's where that's where our health journey started with her. She tested you know, gluten intolerant, but it was also dairy and pineapple on tomatoes and like how an eggs and like how to make her pancakes and how do I give her you know, whatever would not have ketchup you know what I mean? Like all the girl after
eggs and gluten free and all this stuff and gluten free items weren't as common back then it was like, if you want to bread you have to make it yourself. Yes, you have to make everything from scratch. So a lot of the discovery process, you know, give a mom a task and have her advocate for her child and she will become the best researcher on the planet, I promise you. So that was kind of my my health journey. And then fast forward. Let's see, she must have been nine, eight or nine. So fast forward almost 10 years and I started working for that very same chiropractor at her natural health clinic and just started. I actually coordinated a weight loss program there and then became a patient advocate. And then they wanted to bring essential oils into their practice, because they knew what they could do as far as getting into the bloodstream really quickly bypassing the gut which so many people have problems with. We don't have Don't worry about it absorbing there, because it's going to go directly into the bloodstream. And so I started teaching and educating on the power of essential oils and kind of helping people make over their medicine cabinet. You know, let's start with some simple pain, remedies, inflammation, things like that. And so just teaching people how they can take control of their health, and recognize that they have a choice that they have a freedom in their choice of what they're going to go to. And so that was eight years ago. And so now here we are, today, we have over 3000 people in our essential oil community, that love using their oils. They're oil enthusiasts, and I love supporting them. And you know, just recently, I got on the trajectory of prophetic heart healing. So kind of going back to that, that wholeness. And that inheritance, is, you know, your wholeness of your heart, and your physical body is your inheritance, and so on earth as it is in heaven, right. So that's just something new that I am exploring with people is going back to those emotional hurts. And let's hear from the Lord, what happened there. He's always with us. One of his names is Emmanuel, which is got all God with us. And so what does that look like? emotionally? How can we help your heart, meet with the Lord and talk you through and just show you what maybe happened during that time that you got hurt, and those emotional wounds stayed in your soul, and they're affecting you still today.

Shannon 21:28  
And I love that piece I love because it's so much of who I am in the work that I do, too. I want to talk for a second because you're one of the few people that I connect with who talk about healing at a cellular level. Right, and you talk about health at a cellular level. And part of my condition is the primary with primary immunodeficiency disease, I receive an idg infusion every two weeks and I GG is an antibody people are much more familiar with that. And now that we've lived through Coronavirus, what antibodies are, but I've been doing this for close to 10 years now. And then the idg comes from donations from blood donations and platelet donations. Now it's highly medicine ized by the time it gets to me, however, the idea that I have had to learn to receive at a cellular level. And early on, I felt this Iron Man sense at a cellular level. Because I was being bolstered supported, graciously given to by generous souls who were donating their blood and their platelets and really tapping into the generosity of those people. And then I would do and people I still do this and i will i have a podcast coming up on it and talking to ourselves and talking to your white blood cells and your platelets. And I do I have a little welcome party for all the new idg every two weeks, and it's it's Welcome. I'm glad you're here. Thank you for coming. Can we get you anything to help you optimize the work you're going to do here? Do

Heidi  23:15  
you need some water? What do you need, right? Like talking to myself, which people think is crazy. And it makes my infusions and my health better. So there. So there's a physical components, in addition to all the other things that I do my water, my movement, my nutrition, etc. But then there's the emotional healing component. And I love that you shared a little bit about that. But that the emotional healing component is as important as the physical healing component, and how those come together. And I know that you shared a little bit about your prophetic heart healing, but it sounds like you've been doing this emotional healing work for a long time.
Yeah, when I started really diving into essential oils, it wasn't even so much for the physical benefit at the time, I could see the physical benefit with the patients. I was working at the clinic, I could see it with my husband, I could see it with my kids. But for me personally, I was in for the emotional benefits. I was like this is again, not doing my work for me, but it's supporting me on OSI 11. There's so much research showing how I don't know if any moms can relate to this but like snap a finger right? You just like you get triggered and you snap and it's like that's not the kind of mom I want to be. And so looking at, you know, bergamot oil, for example, that is one of the most highly researched essential oils and it can help reduce cortisol in your system. You know, it can help just with that cortisol response. It can. I think they did a study with teachers that helped reduce stress within 15 minutes of breathing in. And so this is the quickest way to access the emotional center of your brain. That's why it's called a Roma therapy. You know, it gets into that limbic system, that emotional center of your brain, it can, it can really help support you quickly to support mood. And so, it but then, you know, on the physical level as well, you have those effects that don't have the negative side effects when you choose a pure and potent essential oil. And I have to stress that because there are so many synthetics on the market, synthetics have become way more advanced, even like basic lab testing isn't picking it up. So you really have to make sure your company is focused on the purity and the testing. But, you know, typical over the counter stuff too, even in prescriptions, that is putting a toxic burden into your body intersystems, it's affecting your liver, it's affecting your kidneys, and you need those filtering organs to be able to work properly right to flush out the daily, just even the daily stuff, it's like when I think about, you know, we have a cleaner that comes help helps us a couple times a year, she does deep cleaning for us in the spring in the fall. And it's like I can get to the surface level stuff, I can do that just fine. It's the deep cleaning stuff that I cannot get to. And so I take that same mindset into like our bodies, right, our bodies are really good at doing that daily cleaning. But when it's become so burdened, and our bucket becomes full, it's that deep cleaning that our body is struggling with. So first of all eliminating the things you don't have to take so that you don't have to fill your bucket up as quickly. But then also looking at, you know how you can empty your bucket, then using natural methods.

Shannon 26:27  
That's awesome. You mentioned the all important inflammation. And I think that inflammation we've again, people have learned so much more about it over COVID. But inflammation has been a buzzword in my life for a long time. And it is just this silent, niggling destroyer, at parts of our systems.

Heidi 26:51  
And so just wondering if you'd speak to that, because it is such an issue for so many people. And there are so many really easy things we can do in our day to day life that can reduce our inflammation. And I had a lesson in this years ago, I had to I had gastroparesis, which is a paralyzed stomach. And so changed completely how I ate at the time in that change. There were so many other things that changed. Now, I had always been a quote unquote clean eater, Whole Foods, slow foods sort of thing. But there were significant things that I had to take out of my diet, because I just literally couldn't digest them. And there were other things that healed as a result of taking some of these more inflammatory things out of my diet. And it's amazing some of those simple changes we can make that have such a huge impact in our life.

Yeah, definitely. And I will add a disclaimer here, right? This is not medical advice. I'm not a nutritionist. I'm not a dietitian, but you hit the nail on the head, just focusing on Whole Foods when we can take out when we have to look at Whole Foods versus man made food, right because man means right, they're made in a lab. They're meant to enhance flavors that become addictive. They use chemicals on purpose so that you'll buy more, you'll notice I actually listened to your sugar episode, I totally relate. And anybody listening probably has had that experience where you've been clean, clean, eating for a while, and then you have a sugar binge or it's a weekend and you kind of fall off or whatever your body feels that you're you feel that inflammation, that inflammatory response. The sugar knows the weakest parts your body and it goes right to it and has a party there. And so you know if you can focus on Whole Foods, that is just the best thing that you can do for your body and just work on. I like to crowd out more so even just starting your morning with a 30 ounce you know of water, 20 ounces of water with lemon juice, just the juice of half a lemon in water, and then move to celery juice. Now some people are gonna be like, Oh my gosh, that's so disgusting. And I felt the exact same way. I found a really awesome amazing juicer that was only $80 I think it even after purchasing a $400 one that totally did not work at all. So it doesn't have to be expensive, but you there's celery salts in celery juice that help with that inflammatory response. And so drinking the celery juice afterwards, it's incredible how your body starts to crave healthy things. After you start using them even after a week, you can see these incredible changes. So starting with the lemon water, then moving to celery juice and then just having fresh fruit for your breakfast. Once you get through that morning routine you are you're satisfied, you know because you've filled up you've hydrated your body. You've done a little bit of detoxing with the celery juice and now you filled up with nutrients and antioxidants, right So back to the in inflammation. So inflammation or body, it's like, there's these cells, as most people probably already know this, because they've lived through it. And it's probably been explained to them before. But for anybody who doesn't know, inflammation is a response in your body. So we have these free radical cells, right, they basically rest your body from the inside out. And they are very greedy, they steal electrons from other cells. And so they have an unpaired electron, they're always looking for a match. And so they're constantly stealing from your body. And we all have this on somewhat of a level like healthy inflammation, you know, we all have that. But it's when it goes to the extreme that it gets to be you feel stiff, you feel, you know, sore parts of your body, like start to give out. But then we have an accidents and accidents have an extra electron. And so they're very generous, and they're very giving. And so the more in accidents you can have in your system by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. When you think of color. When you see color in fruits, vegetables, legumes, think antioxidants, those colors, those bright colors mean that they're full of antioxidants. And so they're going to be very generous and they're gonna help balance all that inflammatory response. Now, essential oils have antioxidants, as well as the nutrition supplementation that I talked about, at the very beginning actually has the equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables worth of antioxidants for your your body and you're just getting that everyday, you're just taking it, you know, if you want to just take a pill, I guess, you know, this is like the easiest thing for me as a busy mom, I, it's my it's the fastest way to get me 100% I call it like my high speed iPhone charger, right? It gets me to 100% on daily basis faster than anything else. It's my foundation. And so essential oils can accompany that. But that was kind of a long response to inflammation. That's how I have handled it because I was in a car accident. You know, in my late teens, I've birth like I said, for babies, your body goes through a lot of trauma, just on a regular through regular life, not to mention, you know, having to deal with any chronic issues.

Shannon 32:09  
I love that no, I so appreciate that. And I think that we're starting to hear more about inflammation. But I oftentimes think that or at least I know that the women that I work with, they hear the word inflammation and they either think one of two things. That is not a problem for me because I've never actually been diagnosed with it or it's not something that a metal core professional has talked directly to me about and or I have to make such substantial lifestyle, lifestyle changes in order to address inflammation that I'm not even interested in learning about it because it's too overwhelming. And so that has been the feedback that I get and I love opportunities to share about it in little bits and chunks on the podcast so that it's not as scary or big or mysterious or unrelatable and but I do love I didn't know it's just one more thing I love about you. You are totally one of my celery juice sisters. I don't have a lot of celery juice. I that is my you know I take a highly medicine ice thing every two weeks I absolutely experience inflammation afterwards. There is everything that I can do holistically that I can in my control to balance support that experience and celery juice is a really big part of that it's such a gentle, easy detoxing, cleaning and 98% of the time I actually really enjoy the flavor of it but celery juice tip for anyone interested in trying celery juice out there. I like to have my celery in the fridge taste different when the celery is cold than when the syllabus room temp. So point of fact,

Heidi 33:54  
definitely and I think people even with juicing are like oh my gosh, that's so much work. I don't have time for that. The juicer that I have and if anybody wants to link I can share it but it is I'm done from like the time I start juicing to the time I'm done rinsing my juicer it takes me 10 minutes Yeah, me too. So I think once you find the right tool to get the job done it makes it more easy and even if you just want to skip the celery celery juice for now either mentioned you know what can they do that's easy and simple. Drinking the lemon water taking the supplements and there are a few essential oils I would say are musts for anti inflammatories tumeric essential oils one and actually we have the company that I absolutely love and have been using for the last eight years. We have a dual chamber capsule of the tumeric powder. So the herbal form and the tumeric essential oil and when those two are combined, they've done research that you get 11 times more absorption rate and inflammatory factors when you combine those two together. Wow because when

Shannon 34:55  
you use the tumeric essential oil I use tumeric in a lot of things Because again, in the natural mode, I just try not to take tablets of things when I don't have to, but I cook with it a lot to try and get into my diet.

Heidi 35:09  
Yeah, so the powder is probably not doing a whole lot if you're not combining it with the essential oil just because there's so many factors that go into absorbing the herbal forum. But so I take the dual chamber capsules there is an essential oil, which I use topically if I'm doing a layering protocol, like typically on my spine. A lot of people even are like, I don't have time to put oils on and it smells like campfire, like tumeric is not obviously the best smelling thing. So if you're, you know, you can do it at night or whatever. But I just, I'm a busy mom, I fill up my tray, I put my dual capsule, you know, the oil supplement together with the herbal form I have that in my supplement tray slot is the way that I take it, you know, even just getting a headache, I don't take over the Congress, I've been taking Tylenol in like 10 years. And so I will use the capsules as like an anti inflammatory if I get a headache, actually, here's a really good point for what you can do with essential oils. My daughter is 17 she had her wisdom teeth removed last November and we did everything. Everything with essential oils. Essential oils are nice. Um, she does not do well swallowing pills. So everything was done topically or, you know, when we would change out her bandages, I would put the essential oils on the gauze. She would also be right on the site, I would do on the outside of her jaw line anywhere she was inflamed, you know, back of our neck. And so she went through that recovery process of having all four of her wisdom teeth removed. They gave me a steroid, they gave me an antibiotic and they gave me finally get in for my 17 year old they gave me a prescription. I'm like, I am not using these. I messaged my husband, I looking at my leader groups, because I might not know everything. But I know people that have had experience. And so I can get in there. And I can be like, Hey, you know wisdom teeth, and I'll look up and I saw they had a protocol. And we did it. And it felt so empowering. And even the smallest little thing I tried to have her swallow with like an essential oil capsule, she can't do it she gigs. She it's like what would I have done? Right? If she can't take anything taken, you know, and you didn't have this knowledge to support her with and yeah, you know, for someone like me, because of the profile of my blood condition. I can't take any of those things. And so if I get a headache, or you know, one of the old side effects of my igd infusions was aseptic meningitis. So I would get these blackout migraine headaches. And I can't I can't take anything because my blood profile and had I not had knowledge of some of these holistic supportive methods. I mean, you just suffer through it, or you go to the emergency room, and they just give you whatever they give you their right. Such such powerful information. Well, this is such golden, practical, really helpful information, tell everybody where they can find you. Yeah, so you can find me, I have a website, it's Heidi And it's two M's, as in Mary. So it's Heidi And I am just starting to redo things on my website. But there, you know, if you want to book a prophetic heart healing session with me, I'm actually I still have a couple more free ones available, because I'm going to through my mentorship right now. And so I'm looking for a way to fulfill those hours. If you want to book that you can email me at support at covered And then it's also my podcast cover, beloved, so that you can find on iTunes or anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

Shannon 38:35  
so incredibly beautiful. So to wrap us up, you know my audience, we are women who are not about to let whatever chronic condition that we have define our lives and still dream big and live big, despite the fact that we have some kind of chronic condition that you know, travels everywhere with us and our hip pocket all the time. And so what might you like to share with her?

Heidi 39:05  
I think I just like to end with a prayer and a blessing that you prosper in your health just as your soul prospers. And as you look at, you know, the ways that your soul is connected, you know, to your physical body, right? Just any way that you can look at how can I move forward today?

Shannon 39:24  
What can I do today? Like, what do I have in my hands that I can use today? To help me move forward and just cut like, awesome, like, you ladies are amazing. There's so many people that I work with that don't even realize they have a choice, or they're just like, you know what, this is just the hand that I've been dealt this is I can't do that, you know, and there's so they put so many limits on themselves. And I understand I understand how heavy it can be I understand how defeating it can feel, especially when you have to take care of a family or maybe you're not good at asking for help. So I totally get it and I just appreciate that. You know, you're not letting your mindset determine your your day to day happiness.

Just so love that thank you so, so much. It's so incredibly true. Well, my friend, I cannot thank you enough. What a power packed episode today with all kinds of tangible, practical tips. So here's the summarize a few quick takeaways. One, the four core areas of health or nutrition, movement, rest, reducing your toxic load to rest is different from sleep and equally important three, rest is super productive. Because we are very busy recharging our batteries for essential oils can help balance calm and relax. And five essential oils can have both a physical health and a mental health benefit six. When using essential oils, it's super important to use medicinal grade products. And if you don't know what that is reach out to Heidi seven your body is a gigantic filter. So be aware of what you put in it on it and around it ate healing and health at a cellular level is possible. Nine celery juice Need I say more 10. The more colorful your food, the more antioxidants. Antioxidants are the good guys replenishing your body. Free radicals are the bad guys stealing from your body 11 Small changes can make a big difference in reducing inflammation. There will be a link to all things Heidi Bramm in the show notes. But I also wanted to take a second and share a personal experience with Heidi that I have had. So I did do one of Heidi's prophetic heart Healing Sessions. And if you don't know what that is, it's really about spiritual healing from the inside out from a Christian tradition. And if that's the kind of thing that speaks to you at all, I would really encourage you to reach out to Heidi learn a little bit more about it, see if it's the right fit for you. I am super open to all kinds of spiritual healing from the inside out. And I was interested in this experience in particular because it really comes at it from a Christian perspective. And Heidi held a space that was gentle and open and spacious and really heart centered and I just had a really wonderful experience. So if In this episode, you heard that term prophetic heart healing and you're like what is that, go check out her website and see if it's something that you might be interested in. As always, a quick disclaimer that nothing I or any guest on this podcast shares is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition and any treatment for your personal condition should be directed to and received directly from your professional health care team. And as we wrap up today's episode of finally f unhappy I again want to thank today's sponsor, tat Korea at your inspired words, and you can find her your inspired And check out her messages to myself, I just love these affirmation cards because it allows you to write the affirmation from your own heart, your own soul, in the words that speak to you most. And last but not least, let me tell you what's going on over at finally F and happy. Just today I opened my 30 day and my 90 day individual private coaching packages. The 30 day package is the self care springboard to help you reset and systemize your self care. And the 90 day package is the self care solution. It includes everything in terms of systemising and resetting your self care, as well as really diving into self empathy and teaching you how to befriend that inner critic in a tangible, permanent sort of a way. So I'm super excited. If you're interested, go to finally f Click on coaching and courses or up in the top right hand corner just click book a call. And let's chat about it. As always, if you heard something in today's episode, that really you find practical something you're going to try something you think a girlfriend needs to try. Will you please do me a favor and write a comment in Apple podcast because that's how more women can find finally Effing Happy and I am on a mission to help more women find happiness. So if you could write that comment in Apple podcasts or who would just mean the world to me or even better yet, take a picture screenshot of this episode, and post it to your favorite social media and tag me, you can find me everywhere at finallyeffinghappy on Facebook and on Instagram, or tag a girlfriend that may need to hear something that was in today's episode, that would just mean the world to me. But if you want to hang out some more you can also come join me in my free and private Facebook group and that you can find it at and if Facebook's not your jam, but you want to stay up to date with what's going on and finally up and happy, you can join my email list. And you can join that list by going to super easy. I'm even old school. If you want to leave me a review via voicemail, you can do so at 860-385-1088 there is a link to all of this in the show notes so don't worry about it. If you didn't catch it, just check the show notes. I so appreciate that you were here for today's episode. And until we connect next be well and please be kind to you today.

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