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30 Day 1:1 Coaching

The 3o Day Self-Care Springboard will reset your self-care, revitalize your health, and reignite your mindset.

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90 Day 1:1 Coaching

The 90 Day Self-Care Solution includes everything in the 30 day package + 1:1 Befriend Your Inner Critic coaching.

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EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

3 EFT Sessions

Three 60-minute EFT sessions. 

Ideal as a starter package or to transform a single, focused issue, pain point, old idea, memory or unhealthy habit.  

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5 EFT Sessions

Five 60-minute EFT sessions. 

Best for transforming core issues around health, self-care, self-talk (a.k.a. stop beating yourself up!), childhood memories, and so much more.

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8 EFT Sessions

Eight 60-minute EFT sessions.

If you are really ready to let go and be the very best version of you you can possibly be, this package is for you.  

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